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About us

Who we are

We are a group of young academics who made it their mission to bring knowledge to the most remote places of the world. Our focus hereby lies on Africa, mostly driven by our friend and chairman of this association, Wajih Rana, who has dedicated his entire life to this task and is working as the principle of a school in a small remote village in Liberia (Tiene, Region Grande Cape Mount County). Therefore, our first project is to renovate and expand this school, since it does not meet the requirements on site. After this work, many more projects will follow. To realize our intentions, we gathered our self as an association and want to generate donations, elaborate concepts for improved access to education and implement them on site.

Unser Team

Board of directors

Mabroor Ahmed

Vice chairman of the board

PhD student at the Helmholtz Center Munich

Wajih Rana
Wajih Rana

Chairman of the board

M.Sc. Biology

nabil shad
Nabil Shad

Board of directors finances

B. Eng. Automotive business and technology